Sheffy Bleier
Artist's Statement

Love is the soul's vision of things invisible
Plotinus Enneads I

Body and soul have been my focus since I started my artistic career. The last nine years of my work brought me to an essence which became the base, the kernel of, my work.

Body of Love is my first series of internal organs, which came into being one day, when my eye accidentally crossed a cow's stomach hanging in the shuk, the open market in Tel Aviv.

The images that resulted are lifesize. One on one. Of five bovine internal organs: a uterus, an udder, testicles, intestines and a stomach, viewed in three different positions. Each of these is suspended on hooks, but turned inside out, revealing each from inside. And each is photographed against an ironed white sheet. I worked on this series for three years, until I reached its final frame. And between the udder and the uterus, - Jonathan- the image of my son, suspended in white on white, came into being.

The internal organs led me to a slaughterhouse. A place where I kept going and observing during many visits, over a long period of time. There I discovered not only this new physical arena but a philosophical and cultural dimension beyond just the practical profession of meat carving. This spawned my Self-Portrait, Suspended, where I hung myself upside down, like a cow.

At the slaughterhouse I also discovered other internal organs that were unfamiliar to me, smaller and lighter ones, the spleen, gall bladder, kidneys and others. And in this way, my next series came about- Garden of Organs.

I was mesmerized. I was awestruck. Moved. EnchaNted. By the wonder and the beauty of these normally invisible parts. By how complex their form is. Questions about beauty impel me and I found myself involved with questions about definitions of aesthetics, the personal and politically correct and then, with overturning the "norm".

I found myself facing the obvious in society and culture and subverting it. I dealt with the tension between the hidden and the revealed. In my photographs I tried to extract what is visible only to my mind's eye. To lend new form, content and place to things which, for me, touch upon a real body of truth.